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The art of developing communities

You might be wondering, what has art got to do with Transport Planning?

Well, at ‘ttc’ we believe that our job is not just about helping clients with Access Reviews and Designs, Transport Assessments/Statements, devising Strategic Modelling solutions, Travel Planning and developing Parking Strategies … it’s more than that. It’s about creating communities that are sustainable, innovative, safe, inclusive and future proof.

In order to do this, we need to work together with a whole host of key stakeholders such as Town Planners, Architects and local businesses. By working together we can create innovative developments which thrive.

To represent this we found this wonderful local artist Syliva Theuri, who brilliantly illustrates (we feel) how transport and the built environment can be augmented with conceptual and artistic design – leading to beautiful results.

The piece below is digitally created using maps of Coventry, UK – which has been awarded the ‘City of Culture for 2021. The title is awarded every four years and Coventry will hope to emulate the success of Hull, which is UK City of Culture this year.n

Spon End in Coventry by Sylvia Theuri - Showcaseing Transport, Architecture and community coming together

With our proven track record of working within small and large multi-discipline teams, we understand the importance of working together. By bringing a Transport Planning Consultant in early, potential risks can be identified at inception and mitigated to avoid abortive work or costly design changes later down the line.

What could you gain from working with us?

Regardless of scale, if you’re planning a new project and would like to know the benefits of working closely with a Transportation Planning Consultancy, then we’d love to hear from you. We’ve a great track record of delivering successful results (such as achieving planning permission!) and we pride ourselves on our client care.

We are a genuinely nice team to work with so contact us to arrange an informal meeting.

More about the artist

Sylvia Theuri (PhD) Artist, Educator and Researcher based in Coventry

Instagram: silver_writing

Sylvia is a Kenyan-British artist who uses digital media to explore and depict Coventry’s iconic cultural landmarks and its fast moving urban transformation. As a result of her Kenyan heritage she has an affinity to bright, vibrant colours which influences the way she ‘sees’ the world around her and this transcends into her art pieces. In her art she remembers and re-discovers the Kenya of her youth whilst simultaneously exploring the city that she now calls home. Turning an ‘unfamiliar’ location into a ‘familiar’ one, one that can become ‘home’. A sense of nostalgia placed upon a new city space. Perhaps a longing to return to a place of her youth – that is no more. Bell hooks writes in ‘Art on my mind’ (pg 73) that “Learning to know a community or a landscape is a homecoming. Creating a vision of that community or landscape is a homemaking.”n

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Why work with us?

Straight Talking

We pride ourselves on being open, honest, clear and straight-talking in all of our communications from meetings, emails, reports and assessments.

Proven Results

We have provided sound Transport Planning advice for; nationwide residential developments, student accommodation in key university towns and cities, redevelopment of numerous hospitals and education facilities, commercial land, drive-through coffee restaurant and transport and highway advice for a multitude of private and public sector clients.

Client Satisfaction

Our client-centric approach to working enables us to really understand our client’s goals and deliver great results, time and time again.

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