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Active Travel Zone Assessment

Active Travel Zone Assessments are a Transport for London (TfL) initiative geared towards ensuring the planning process contributes towards increasing mode shift to walking, cycling and public transport.

‘ttc’ has worked with several developers across London, for both employment and residential led development to prepare ATZs in support of planning applications. The ATZ assesses the quality of the walking, cycling and public transport environment within the vicinity of a development site, with specific emphasis on key routes between the site and local origins or destinations, dependent on whether the site is residential or employment. These typically included public transport interchanges, local centres, schools, medical centres and green space.

The ATZ covers the following:

  • Mapping of key destinations
  • Prioritising destinations
  • Map the characteristcs of typical healthy neighbourhoods
  • Conduct an appraisal and collect photographic evidence
  • Review the points identified against the Healthy Streets indicators and confirm whether improvements are required.

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