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Operational Safety

Providing our clients with sound advice and guidance on maintaining a safe working environment through the application of Transport Planning Principles.

We have a wealth of experience in providing commercial and education based operators with guidance and insight on operational site safety.

Our team has successfully developed strategies to help mitigate and manage user conflicts, particularly in environments where ‘vulnerable’ road users, such as pedestrians, are required to mix with commercial vehicles.

Whilst operators implement industry standard approach’s to maintain site safety, there are often instances of ‘near misses’ or ‘lost time incidents’ where the systems in place fail to address some common transport planning principles, such as ‘desire lines’, ‘forward visibility splays’, ‘traffic calming’ and adequate ‘Vehicle Restraint Systems’.

Our services are site specific and tailored to the client’s requirements, but typically include:

  • Video surveys to record and review site operations
  • Multi-modal turning counts to identify user hierarchy and conflict points
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Site inspections
  • Pedestrian and vehicle accessibility audit
  • GIS located asset tagging and condition review, where safety implications are likely

Our outputs include reports, drawings and GIS Databases to suit your requirements

Why work with us?

Straight Talking

We pride ourselves on being open, honest, clear and straight-talking in all of our communications from meetings, emails, reports and assessments.

Proven Results

We have provided sound Transport Planning advice for; nationwide residential developments, student accommodation in key university towns and cities, redevelopment of numerous hospitals and education facilities, commercial land, drive-through coffee restaurant and transport and highway advice for a multitude of private and public sector clients.

Client Satisfaction

Our client-centric approach to working enables us to really understand our client’s goals and deliver great results, time and time again.

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