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Walking, Cycling and Horse-riding Assessment & Review

Helping navigate the WCHAR process to assess the implications of all highway schemes on vulnerable road users on the motorway and all-purpose trunk road network.

Walking, Cycling and Horse-riding Assessment & Review (WCHAR) is an audit of large and small highway schemes, which is ideally conducted at the options or concept stage of a scheme to identify opportunities for new or improved facilities for walking, cycling and horse-riding users. The WCHAR process is not an independent audit of vulnerable road user facilities/requirements but is intended to provide increased collaboration, interaction and engagement with key stakeholders.

Audits are broadly split into two main categories, ‘small’ or ‘large’. The size of the scheme dictates the scale of the assessment, but in both instances, the WCHAR requires the following to be conducted:

  • Site inspection
  • Policy review
  • Data collection, including Personal Injury Accident Data, Multi-modal transport service and interchange
    information, Key trip generators and local amenities
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Identification of the existing walking, cycling and horse-riding network facilities and collection of user survey data.
  • Confirmation that user needs have been addressed and if not, what actions will be taken and implemented.

‘ttc’ has extensive experience of acting as lead assessor on several highway schemes, ensuring the process is navigated smoothly and without delay to project delivery.

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