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What is a travel plan coordinator?

What is a Travel Plan Coordinator and why do I need one?

When it comes to managing transportation and travel-related aspects of development projects, a Travel Plan Coordinator (TPC) plays a pivotal role. In this article, we’ll explore the responsibilities of a Travel Plan Coordinator, the types of projects that require their expertise, the benefits they bring to the table, and why you might consider using an external Travel Plan Coordinator for your project.

What is a Travel Plan Coordinator?

A Travel Plan Coordinator, often abbreviated as TPC, is a professional responsible for overseeing and implementing Travel Plans. But what exactly is a Travel Plan? A Travel Plan is a comprehensive strategy designed to promote sustainable transportation choices and reduce the environmental impact of travel associated with a development or business.

The Travel Plan Coordinator’s role includes:

Implementing Travel Plan Measures:
They ensure that the measures outlined in the Travel Plan, such as promoting public transport use, carpooling, cycling, and walking, are put into action effectively.

Liaising with Users and Stakeholders:
A Travel Plan Coordinator collaborates with the development’s users and engages with stakeholders, including Local Planning and Transport Authorities, to facilitate the adoption of sustainable travel practices.

Monitoring and Reviewing:
They monitor the Travel Plan’s effectiveness through activities like Travel Surveys and periodically review the plan, making necessary adjustments and preparing Action Plans for improvements.

What Types of Projects Require a Travel Plan Coordinator?

Travel Plan Coordinators are commonly employed for both large and small-scale developments. For substantial projects, a full-time Travel Plan Coordinator may be necessary to manage the extensive transportation aspects. In contrast, smaller developments often opt for part-time coordinators, and this role is frequently outsourced to specialised providers.

Benefits of Having a Travel Plan Coordinator

Having a dedicated Travel Plan Coordinator offers several benefits, including:

Efficient Implementation:
They ensure that Travel Plan Measures are effectively put into practice, leading to a more sustainable transportation environment.

A Travel Plan Coordinator helps the development adhere to planning requirements, ensuring that it meets all necessary regulations and standards.

Their expertise in transportation planning and sustainable travel practices adds value to your project, potentially saving time and resources.

Why Should I Use an External Travel Plan Coordinator?

Outsourcing the role of a Travel Plan Coordinator to an external agency, like The Transportation Consultancy, can be advantageous for various reasons:

Specialised Knowledge:
External coordinators bring specialised knowledge and experience, ensuring that your Travel Plan is comprehensive and effective.

Focus on Core Activities:
By entrusting this role to external experts, you can concentrate on your project’s core activities, knowing that transportation matters are in capable hands.

Cost Efficiency:
External coordinators can often provide cost-effective solutions, as they are well-versed in optimising transportation plans to minimise expenses.

In conclusion, a Travel Plan Coordinator is an essential component of any development project seeking to promote sustainable travel and transportation choices. Their expertise, oversight, and dedication contribute significantly to the success of Travel Plans. Whether your project is large or small, considering the benefits of having a Travel Plan Coordinator and potentially outsourcing this role can streamline your project and help achieve your sustainability goals

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